Netizens say that NMIXX “O.O” is the worst debut song of JYP girl groups


1. The song is… so bad that I can’t hear the lyrics…

2. It’s the worst JYP song ㅠㅠㅠ The debut songs of Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY are good, but I wonder if you want to listen to this song?

3. JYP female idols are always popular in Korea, but this time I think they are aiming for the overseas market…

4. Why is the quality of JYP’s song like this?

5. I was looking forward to it so much, but I can’t really hear the lyrics.. The melody is confusing, but it’s not addictive

6. The song is not good but the members are all pretty

7. I want to see their stage. I think the song will be good on stage!

8. I watched the MV but couldn’t hear the lyrics. Is this how foreign fans feel when listening to K-pop?

9. It’s not like a JYP girl group

10. The MV and members are all pretty, but the song is disappointing

11. But this concept overlaps with ITZY’s concept, right?

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