Netizens say the final lineup of MAMA 2021 is the worst of all time

The final lineup of MAMA 2021 revealed

Aespa, ATEEZ, Brave Girls, ENHYPEN, INI, ITZY, JO1, Kep1er, NCT 127, NCT Dream, Stray Kids, TXT

original post: pann

1. [+243, -9] I miss the times when MAMA had YG idols, BTS and big idols from SM and JYP

2. [+220, -9] The lineup…. is the worst of all time…

3. [+139, -10] Anyway, BTS will shoot 3 VCRs for the 3 Daesangs

4. [+111, -1] There are no top idols this time, it’s just CJ’s party

5. [+90, -11] Mama was legendary when BIGBANG was there

6. [+88, -1] Well, who will be there to receive Daesang?

7. [+74, -0] The lineup is so bad

8. [+52, -4] Even if BTS doesn’t attend, they will still win 3 Daesangsㅋㅋ

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