Netizens say this is the golden age of the idols that fans miss the most

The golden age of the idols that current fans miss the most

GFriend ‘Glass Bead’

Red Velvet ‘Ice Cream Cake’

BTS ‘I Need You’

SHINee ‘View’

EXO ‘Love Me Right’

Mamamoo ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’


GFriend ‘Me gustas tu’

SNSD ‘Lion Heart’

Red Velvet ‘DUMB DUMB’


Apink ‘Remember’

GIRL’S DAY ‘Ring My Bell’

4MINUTE ‘Crazy’

EXO ‘Call Me Baby’




miss A ‘Only You’

AOA ‘Heart Attack’

Sistar ‘Shake It’

It’s 2015

1. I agree

2. 2015-2017 is truly legendary

3. These are all the songs that I like

4. I didn’t care about idols back then, but I knew all those songs

5. I’m a fan of 2nd generation idols, back then the fandoms and the public enjoyed idol culture together

6. After about 10 years, I think I’ll miss the current songs againㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I think it was the golden age of idols, now K-pop seems to be in a period of stagnation

8. I was in high school at the time, but 2008-2009 was the best

9. There were a lot of good songs in 2015

10. I thought it was 2008, I’m old

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