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Article: The moment when you lose all feelings for your lover… #2 is ‘poor grammar’, what’s #1?

Source: Financial News via Nate

The moment when you lose all feelings for your significant other
1. When promises aren’t kept 43.4%%
2. Poor grammar 32.3%
3. Forgetting anniversaries 13.6%
4. Ignorance on current events

The moment when you regret choosing your significant other
1. When I don’t feel that they like me 35%
2. When they seem ignorant 26.2%
3. When I don’t feel respected 24.9%
4. When they seem insincere 13.9%

1. [+2,064, -101] Grammar for sure but also when they eat with their mouth open and smack their lips

2. [+1,507, -52] Kids who break promises and show up late will never fix those habits. Just break up while you’re ahead.

3. [+1,343, -52] All things aside, I think people should take relationships seriously. Don’t date someone if you don’t have feelings for them. Don’t hurt another family’s precious child..

4. [+121, -5] For me, it’s when I gifted them something worth $500 and they give me something cheap saying “it’s from the heart and that’s what matters”

5. [+94, -4] When they don’t pay every time!

6. [+83, -15] Poor grammar really gets me. Someone can seem so smooth and we could get along well but a grammar slip up will make me look at them differently and question what they were doing in elementary school or if they even read books.

7. [+58, -15] For me, it’s when you notice them eyeing other girls. We were both average in terms of looks but I had the better specs and were just dating for the sake of it, but I always noticed him checking out other girls when we were out in the city. I did the same just to spite him and stared at a young, tall, handsome man too. Then I just dumped him because I felt stupid for stressing about a guy like him in the first place. 

8. [+56, -6] When their breath smells

9. [+46, -1] ㅎㅎㅎ The grammar one is no joke. I remember there was a case in the news about a guy who tried to scam a woman into thinking he was an attorney but he kept getting all his grammar wrong and she reported him for fraud ㅎㅎㅋㅋㅋ 

10. [+43, -5] Or when people type without any spaces between their words soitalllookslikethis, it just seems so selfish

11. [+40, -12] For me, it’s when I’ve yet to feel any attraction to the guy I’m seeing and don’t find him sexy at all but the guy’s already so into it that he’s breathing hard just over a hug and a kiss… I seriously lose any and all emotions I had for him up to that point. I usually end up breaking up with them after a few days.

12. [+40, -0] I hate swearing

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