Netizens talk about 7 tvN dramas that shocked the world

7 dramas from tvN that shocked the world


Crash Landing on You


Hotel Del Luna

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim


Hospital Playlist

original post: theqoo

1. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is so popular overseas

2. Goblin is the only drama I watched thereㅋㅋ For me, Signal and Mr. Sunshine are the best drama

3. I don’t think it’s Hotel Del Luna, it’s just plagiarism

4. I watched everything except Vincenzo and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

5. No matter how many times I watch Goblin, I never get tired of it

6. Why is there no Signal????

7. World?? Is it a parallel world?

8. I guess they shocked the world because of plagiarism

9. It’s ridiculous that there’s no Signal

10. I watched all the dramas here, but personally, Goblin and Stranger are the best

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