Netizens talk about Aespa ‘Savage’ SYNK DIVE

aespa ‘Savage’ SYNK DIVE -> 2021.10.05 6PM

Aespa symbol

Karina 💙
NingNing 🦋
Winter ⭐️
Giselle 🌙

original post: theqoo

1. The members are all so pretty, especially Karina and NingNing

2. Wow, Karina is seriously a goddess.. SM did so well, the concept suits Aespa so well

3. It’s unique and prettyㅋㅋㅋ It’s a concept that only they can do because they’re Aespa

4. Crazy, I love this concept

5. NingNing is so pretty these days

6. Wow, this concept is so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I really like this concept, I think it’s crazy

8. SM is SM, the quality is amazing

9. Are they all visual members? Crazy

10. Wow the concept is good and their visuals are crazy

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