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BTS ‘Permission To Dance’ Line Distribution

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1. You guys have nothing to do…. I’m so tired of this. It depends on each song, so stop fighting

2. I like all BTS songs, but next time I really want to see a song with strong choreography like ON, there’s a lot of rap parts and stage that only BTS can doㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to it

3. Seokjin’s voice is so good, why are you guys complaining about him having so many parts?

4. Shut up, just listen to the song, stop fighting

5. Is this important? Do you think the BTS members will care about this..?

6. I just want to see the stage quickly

7. BTS fans fight each other every day

8. I don’t know BTS songs well, but is Jungkook the main vocalist? His voice is so good

9. Jin did well this comeback

10. RM’s part is less than I expected, I like his voice..

What do you think?

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