Netizens talk about female celebrities’ profile pictures that were legendary – Knetizen

Legendary profile pictures

Kang Hyewon’s profile pictures that made a buzz on communities a few months ago

Among the actresses, Kim Yoojung got the best response after the profile pictures were released

Go Yoonjung’s profile pictures that were truly legendary

These pictures of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo that were uploaded today were also crazy

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1. [+117, -76] I want to see her acting

2. [+92, -13] Kang Hye Won, Kim Yoo Jung, and Go Min Shi’s were all trending online. I acknowledge that they are legendary. Jisoo’s also came out really nice, she looks like an actress

3. [+67, -8] Personally, I think Hong Soojoo is a legend with those watery profile pictures.. It’s my first time seeing Kang Hyewon and Kim Yoojung’s pictures and they really fit their pictures perfectly

4. [+53, -13] Freaking pretty

5. [+43, -14] Jisoo is insane

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