Netizens talk about how V and Jennie will appear together in articles until they break up

V and Jennie will enter Korea in turn after completing their schedule in the US

1. I bet articles like this will continue to be published….

2. Do journalists buy flight information?

3. That’s why idol fans hate dating rumors

4. I thought they would enter Korea together.. But after reading the article, V, Lisa and Jisoo will arrive on the same day

5. After dating rumors, this is so upsetting

6. Their names will appear together in articles until they break up

7. Look at how they buy and spread flight information. What is the difference between sasaengs and reporters?

8. The relationship of top idols is so fun

9. That’s why I don’t like dating rumors

10. Celebrities are so pitiful

11. They have their own schedules.. Besides, Jennie and BLACKPINK went to the awards ceremony together… Do you think they went out together?

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