Netizens talk about if they could become one member of BLACKPINK

If you could become one member of BLACKPINK

Jennie who models for Chanel and Hera
Rosé who models for Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co
Lisa who models for Celine, MAC and Bulgari
Jisoo who models for Dior and Cartier

[+128, -12]

1. [+105, -19] Straight up Dior and Cartier

2. [+82, -23] They’re indeed so solid.. Rosé for me

3. [+71, -12] Jisoo ㅠ

4. [+39, -9] If it also includes boyfriends, Jennie

5. [+29, -10] Looking at the brand value, Dior and Cartier

6. [+25, -4] Jisoo

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