Netizens talk about ITZY’s LOCO MV and first stage

The first stage of ITZY’s new song LOCO


original post: theqoo

1. Yeji’s outfit isn’t pretty. Every time I see her, I feel sorry for her because of her outfit. It looks like lingerie

2. Well, the song is good

3. Chaeryeong suits the concept and song so well

4. This song is much better than ‘Mafia In the morning’, Yeji’s part is so good

5. I think the song is good, but the choreography doesn’t match the song

6. I don’t know what the concept of the song is… I can’t even hear the lyrics…

7. The song is good and the stage is good

8. The stage is good, but I need to listen to the song a few more times

9. The song is so bland, the chorus is so bad, I don’t understand why this is the title song?

10. The stage is good, the song is a bit disappointing

11. I hate Yeji’s outfit

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