Netizens talk about J-Hope’s popularity as a solo artist

J-Hope swept the festival in Chicago


[+1131, -73]

1. [+338, -12] Weverse Live had 14 million viewers (excluding the US)

2. [+315, -19] Can’t imagine how popular he is..

3. [+262, -11] ARMYs are amazing

4. [+95, -1] The deputy mayor of Chicago even mentioned economic efficiency. Ticket sales are the highest ever

5. [+90, -0] King Sejong the Great in Chicago

6. [+70, -132] If it was J-Hope who is the least popular in BTS making this crowd, it would be even more chaotic if the other members stood there

7. [+48, -2] Can he perform live for over an hour as a solo artist? J-Hope Live is crazy

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