Netizens talk about Red Velvet’s outfit concept for this comeback

Red Velvet’s outfit concept

Their ballet dresses are so pretty

Joy Seulgi Wendy
Irene Yeri

[+339, -75]

1. [+268, -84] Irene covers her face, but her figure is so pretty…

2. [+165, -35] Seriously, every time I see them, they’re the prettiest

3. [+104, -12] There’s about 10 seconds preview for Red Velvet’s appearance on Inkigayo and Music Bank next week, I really like it

4. [+50, -4] Yeri looks so good with this type of outfit, long sleeve dresses!! Whether it’s the Rookie era or now, she’s the prettiest in long sleeve dresses

5. [+32, -2] This is the best ever, I’m really looking forward to this comeback. It will over 200K copies in the first week

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