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Sandara Park, leaves YG after 17 years.. Ends exclusive contract

On May 14, YG Entertainment announced Dara’s contract with the label has come to an end, stating, “We sincerely thank Dara, who’s been with us for 17 years, for her trust and faith in us during that time. YG will always support her endeavors and will continue to help her as she prepares for her new start. We formed our relationship with her in 2004, and she debuted in 2009 with 2NE1. She’s been promoting in various fields, such as acting, fashion, beauty, hosting, and music.”

The label concluded, “Please show a lot of interest and support to her so she can shine with even more positive energy. Thank you again for loving YG Entertainment artist Dara this whole time.” cr

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1. It’s been 17 years

2. 2NE1 members all left YG ㅠ

3. When it comes to Sandara Park, I think of YG

4. It’s good that she left YG

5. Hul finally!!!

6. I hope to see her more often on TV

7. I want to see 2NE1 reunite and sing a song ㅠㅠ 2NE1’s music is the best ㅠㅠ

8. I think there must be a better company for Sandara

9. Now 2NE1 has really disappeared into history

10. Is she planning to go to Park Bom’s agency? I wonder where she is going

11. I want to see 2NE1 reunite ㅠㅠ Sandara worked really hard

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