Netizens talk about the first lineup of MAMA 2021

The first lineup of MAMA 2021 revealed!

Wanna One, Ed Sheeran (Online), Street Woman Fighter
MC Lee Hyori

original post: theqoo

1. Ed Sheeran?????????????????????

2. But why do the dance teams perform at the music awards ceremony?

3. As soon as I saw Ed Sheeran, I was shocked

4. It’s an award ceremony for singers, please treat singers well. Don’t just focus on the actors like last time

5. I only know Ed Sheeran and Wanna One, but there are 8 dance teams? Do dance teams have different stages or the same stage?

6. It’s a music awards ceremony, why are there so many dance teams?

7. I know Ed Sheeran and Wanna One, but who are the other teams?

8. No, why can’t they lose Wanna One???????? The members are all doing well, this makes me uncomfortable

9. There are a lot of teams that I don’t know, are they singers?

10. Why is Sheeran hyung here?

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