Netizens talk about the idol they think is the prettiest among female idols

In your eyes, who do you think is the prettiest among female idols?

I want to live with Jennie’s face when I’m reborn

1. Me too, Jennie

2. It’s Suzy

3. Yoona

4. Jennie, Suzy.. They are the prettiest with different vibes

5. Karina

6. Kim Minju

7. Jennie, Sulli, Kazuha, Seolyun

8. Jang Wonyoung

9. Suzy, Wonyoung, Minji.. I can’t choose between the three of them

10. Sullyoon!

11. Jisoo.. I think she’s the prettiest idol

12. Yoona, Ahn Yujin

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