Netizens talk about the member who is the identity of NewJeans

Which member do you think is the identity of NewJeans?

For me it’s Minji

1. I think it’s Minji

2. Danielle added uniqueness to the group

3. It’s Minji who appeared in the audition video, right?

4. If you look at their stage, it’s Hyein or Haerin

5. The members are all pretty, but the group’s identity is Minji

6. I don’t really feel that having a member is the identity of the group~ Their combination is the best

7. I feel like it’s Haerin!!

8. They have a younger image compared to other groups of similar average age thanks to Hyein’s strong image

9. For me it’s Hyein…!

10. Personally, I think it’s Hyein, I only see her on stage

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What do you think?

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