Netizens talk about visuals of JYP’s new girl group

JYP uploads behind-the-scenes photos of their rookie female idols

Seriously pretty…

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1. [+148, -4] Pink pants is insane

2. [+128, -4] Isn’t she the visual member? She’s f*cking pretty, she seems to be the visual member

3. [+88, -3] The pink pants stands out, she also gets mentioned a lot. The other two members are so cute because they still haven’t lost their baby fat yetㅋㅋ

4. [+80, -4] ITZY is pitiful……. TWICE has tasted their heydays and has seniority now while ITZY has never really tasted their peak and still don’t really have seniority yet. But because of Lia, their image was ruined. Since JYP is preparing their rookie girl group, they are attracting all the attention…. What are they doing

5. [+64, -4] They will take over the 4th generation. Pink pants is f*cking pretty

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