Netizens talk about Yoona’s acting in Big Mouth

Look at Yoona’s acting expression..

It’s the same ㅠ

1. Her acting is good, It’s not awkward at all…?

2. What? .. Yoona received a lot of praise for her good acting in Big Mouth

3. I don’t care because she’s an idol actress

4. What’s similar? I’m not a fan, but I just think her expressions are good

5. She’s good at acting

6. I can feel her emotions just by looking at her photosㅋㅋ

7. It’s a pity that the comments are not what you think ㅜㅜ Her acting is good

8. I don’t even watch dramas, but I know that Yoona’s acting is so good

9. I think you’re the only one who’s uncomfortable with Yoona’s acting

10. Do you watch her drama? Personally, I think she’s good at acting

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