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P.O seems like too much for Song Min Ho

During their radio talk show ‘NAVER NOW’s Brrrr Friends,’ Song Min Ho introduced the special gift for their listeners, saying, “We’ll gift the listeners with a cold cup coffee,” and pronounced the coffee ‘Gift-con’ as ‘Gimoticon (sounding similar to Kimochi which is often heard in Japanese P*rn).’ To which P.O asked, “say it again.” Song Min Ho then realized his mistake and said, “Gimoticon? What’s that?” P.O then replied, “I told you to pronounce it properly” and continued to ridicule Song Min Ho by saying, “crazy punk, you’re so psycho” and hitting him on the head with their script while laughing. Song Min Ho continued to find the situation funny and went onto laugh out loud but P.O responded with, “You’re so annoying. Buzz off!” cr

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1. I think Song Min Ho fans will hate it

2. I think it’s because the two of them are best friends

3. However, it’s a broadcast, they better refrain from swearing

4. It’s a broadcast, I think they should be careful with their words

5. Is it a live broadcast? Why didn’t they edit?

6. This is why celebrities get tired

7. They look happy, so leave them alone…..

8. They’re fine, but why are you guys getting mad?

9. Why did P.O call him a ‘psycho’ or ‘crazy punk’ just because Song Min Ho made a simple mistake with a word?

10. Because they’re friends..? Have you seen anyone curse at their friends like that?

What do you think?

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