Netizens think that BTS V and Jungkook are really alike

BTS V and Jungkook are really alike

This is from the ‘Yet to Come’ teaser and I overlayed V and Jungkook’s faces together. The position of their facial features are exactly the same

If you look at them like this, they look so different but

Their facial features are in similar positions and both of them have big eyes, short chins, and high noses

Anyway, the two of them are so handsome

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1. [+93, -3] I saw this and thought it was Cherry Jungkook in the picture. I was shocked because this is actually V

2. [+73, -4] But their facial arrangements are really similar. Every time I see a post like this, I’m surprised

3. [+58, -3] I guess it’s because they have golden ratio faces

4. [+36, -2] The two of them are of different ages, they have different parents, hometowns and surnames. That’s why I’m always surprised when I see this kind of picture

5. [+27, -2] Look at this picture, daebak

6. [+23, -2] Their facial feature arrangements are really similar

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