Netizens wonder if BLACKPINK Lisa’s lyrics boast about money

Are the lyrics to Lisa’s new song going to be boasting about money?

When rappers would go like ‘flex flex’, I would think, what are they doing?

But when Lisa does it, it’s just someone who is f*cking rich boasting about their wealth~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ so it’ll be like a self-introduction like BLACKPINK’s ‘So Hot’ stage

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1. [+275, -11] Rappers would always be like “flex” with only 2 million won. You know, Lisa who said “I can just earn more money” after being scammed 10 billion won was more hip than them

2. [+140, -18] Lisa herself is a role model for being young and richㅋㅋ

3. [+110, -20] I love this teaser concept… A female rapper riding a motorcycle is a refreshing concept

4. [+49, -6] I’m looking forward to it

5. [+36, -1] First of all, she has more money than rappers who say ‘flex’, so, um, Lalisa can do whatever she wants

What do you think?

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