Netizens wonder what’s happening to male idols these days

Seriously, what’s happening to male idols?

They sell millions of copies, but the only songs I see on the charts are BTS and BTOB songs

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1. [+386, -16] For real, this is so weird… Even though male idols sell millions of copies, people still don’t know the name of their group or their songs. Meanwhile, female idols’ songs entered the charts a week after their debut. SM invests a lot of time and money into SuperM, but it’s weird that their song still can’t make it to the charts, but the short-term project group ‘Got The Beat’ is still charting;;;

2. [+350, -23] I’m a muggle, but honestly male idols’ music is boring… I don’t know what their b-side songs sound like, but the title songs all have meaningless lyrics, they just focus on the vibrant beats and performance, so I don’t want to add them to my playlist…

3. [+298, -1] But it’s hard for male idols to be recognized by the public… Even if they gain a little more popularity, they’ll slowly get buried if they just live off of their fandom

4. [+168, -107] Honestly, I don’t care about male idols these days because they’re so ugly.. They’re all old and ugly, I hope they do something like Produce

5. [+134, -2] It’s because men don’t listen to male idols’ music, but women still listen to female idols’ music

6. [+76, -10] But those two groups are so special. There is no male idol who promotes with ballad songs like BTOB, and there is no male idol who is as popular with the public as BTS

7. [+65, -0] Just compare Aespa and NCTㅋㅋㅋㅋ These two groups both have difficult and strange songs, so I was surprised when Aespa got #1 on the chart

8. [+63, -10] Like BTS, it’s hard to do both music and performance well.. After all, music should be the most important, but I feel like other idols only focus on performing.. You can’t hear music with your eyes..

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