Netizens wonder why NMIXX’s MV thumbnail is Sullyoon’s photo

Why is NMIXX’s MV thumbnail a photo of Sullyoon?

Sullyoon is so pretty and she gets mentioned a lot these days

But it’s a debut song, I think it wouldn’t be good if there was only one member in the thumbnail

It’s not a big problem, but the agency should promote the group instead of promoting individual members, what a pity ㅠㅠ

If you look at the two groups in the same company as TWICE and ITZY, or IVE, STAYC, Kep1er, Aespa, the thumbnails of their debut songs are all group photos

This is NMIXX’s MV

MVs of other girl groups

[+253, -8]

1. [+161, -1] Honestly, the thumbnail of the debut MV should be the group photo ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+107, -1] Honestly, it looks like the thumbnail of the teaser.. It would be better if the thumbnail perfectly represented the mood or concept of the song, even for individual photos. I think that thumbnail is just a pretty scene from the teaser video

3. [+74, -97] Because the other members aren’t pretty

4. [+41, -2] BLACKPINK’s Whistle and Boombayah MV thumbnails are also individual photos…? It’s a bit sad, but it’s okay

5. [+32, -26] Looks like Lee Hi losing weight

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