NewJeans is under fire because the doodle inside their album looks like WJSN’s official logo

It currently becomes the talk on Twitter for plagiarism

WJSN’s official logo

Doodles drawn by NewJeans’ members (It’s not NewJeans’ official logo!! It’s just a doodle drawn by the members on the album cover)

The post has been getting more than 2K retweets. Most of the reactions are

“Unless you’re a WJSN fan, how do you come up with that logo?”

“Even if it’s a doodle drawn by a member, if it’s used for commercial purposes, I think they should delete it.”

“If you search for WJSN’s official logo, you can understand why.”

But if you look up the keywords ‘Heart Planet’ on Google, these will come up

1. Seriously, it’s like a joke;;;;;

2. It’s not even their logo, it’s just a doodle on the cover, but you guys are being too sensitive

3. But why did WJSN’s company take a common design as their official logo…?

4. It’s not the official logo, it’s just a doodle drawn by a member

5. It’s not an official logo, it’s a common design

6. Do you really believe the controversy on Twitter????

7. This is my first time hearing the word ‘Heart Planet’

8. It’s not made by WJSN, so WJSN plagiarized?

9. It’s not a logo but just a doodle drawn by a member… Why is it controversial?

10. I’m really surprised that it’s more popular than I thought

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