NMIXX reveals ‘AD MARE’ concept photos with Haewon and Sullyoon

NMIXX 1st Single “AD MARE” Concept Photo ‘N’ (Haewon, Sullyoon)



1. Sullyoon-ah, my heart flutters because of your beauty

2. Sullyoon really looks like Tzuyu

3. They’re so pretty! I’m comfortable because there’s no Chinese member, I’m curious about the song

4. Looks like JYP was determined to create a visual group for everyoneㅋㅋ

5. Haewon looks so innocent and pretty…. Sullyoon is so f*cking pretty

6. I believe in JYP’s female idols

7. Sullyoon is the prettiest among female idols I’ve seen recently, she has the visual that Koreans really like

8. Wow, Sullyoon seems to be the representative visual of the 4th generation

9. Haewon looks a bit like Kim Sae Ron in that teaser

10. Sullyoon really looks like Nayeon + Sana + Tzuyu

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