NMIXX’s outfits on Inkigayo today are receiving divided opinions

1. Their outfits are weird, I don’t like them.. I just look at their faces. They are all pretty..

2. No.. Jiwoo’s thighs look big. Why is she dressed like that?

3. The NMIXX members are all pretty, but their outfits are disappointing

4. What’s wrong with Bae’s hair? … I know her face, but I really don’t recognize her…

5. I think their outfits are fine… It matches the concept of the song

6. Only Jiwoo’s outfit looks bad. Bae and Sullyoon’s outfits look good

7. Who is the second member from the left? Her outfit looks so bad

8. They look so pretty on stage, it suits the concept of the song so well

9. I watched the stage and thought their outfits were so pretty

10. Sullyoon is the center so they look so much better

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What do you think?

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