NO:ZE was criticized for her statement after her recent controversy


“I just want people know one thing. We are not people who did not work hard for a single moment.”

1. What about the advertising team at those small companies that you ripped off.. They worked hard too

2. ??? Why are you crying after doing something wrong…?

3. You should be apologizing, not crying

4. I want you to give back 100% of the money you received from small businesses

5. Didn’t she apologise?? And why was she crying?? Advertisers are not people who don’t work hard

6. There are many people in the world who work hard every minute and work hard every day, and there are people who work harder than you

7. She’s the worst of all dancers… I hate seeing her

8. Employees of small companies are the ones who work harder than anyone else

9. Why is she acting like she is the victim here

10. So why didn’t you make an effort to post the ads on time?

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