Oh My Girl’s YooA’s proportions make it hard to believe that she’s barely 160 cm ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Her height’s in the 150s but she looks taller because of her proportions

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+268] I read somewhere that she’s actually 164 cm.. so what’s her real height?

2. [+87] She said she’s 159.2 on her Instagram

3. [+43] I saw her in real life. Bini and YooA have similar head sizes but her size is nothing like I’ve ever seen in real life. It’s so small, about the size of a volleyball, and looked like it would just fly off with a high kick.

4. [+17] 159 or 160, that’s only a 1 cm difference, her proportions truly are out of this world

5. [+47] Whether she’s 150 or 160 cm tall, her proportions are crazy…! In pictures, she looks 170 cm tall

6. [+4] So she’s 159… I thought she’d be in the mid 160 range..

7. [+1] Hul, I really thought she’d be in the mid 160s

8. [+1] She’s pretty small in real life, though… ㅋㅋ These pictures are purposely taken to look her look tall..

9. [+1] She looks her height in real life ㅋㅋㅋ

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