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Only two Blackpink members sign “group” contract + YG releases statement

Article: Blackpink rumored to have renewed as a ‘full group’ without disbanding?… YG “in talks”

Source: Herald Pop

Will Blackpink be able to continue activities as a complete group?

On the 20th, YG Entertainment told Herald Pop, “We’re still discussing. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

On the same day, a media outlet reported that Blackpink had concluded their contract for full group activities and that individual contracts were unclear. According to the report, two of the members have agreed to “continue Blackpink activities” however YG will make it official after concluding contracts with the remaining members. Lisa, however, was confirmed to have chosen to go “independent.”

Meanwhile, Blackpink made their debut in August 2016 and celebrated their 7th anniversary. They’re currently in lengthy discussions with YG Entertainment over whether to renew their contracts.

  1. [+135, -61] Just disband them ~~ they got too greedy ~ they’re nothing special.
  2. [+31, -3] 8.9 times out of 10, members that leave their groups get forgotten. Rather than looking at the money right now they should be looking at their future instead. That’s what the company is paying attention to. But people’s greed is always the issue and why most always stab them on the backs!
  3. [+20, -2] Eh, aren’t they better off as ‘Blackpink’ than solo anyway?? Goodluck..
  4. [+19, -3] Don’t renew.. just disband!
  5. [+9, -1] Hmm.. yea this won’t work.. it’s going to fail.
  6. [+5, -1] Just debut another Blackpink, isn’t this a large enough company? The PD ability is enough. Do they even have enough to renew their contracts? Trends come and go anyway and that multi-national idol is leaving soon for marriage anyway.
  7. [+4, -0] The stock price crashed already because of them.. just disband!
  8. [+3, -0] They need to stick together if they want to survive.. 
  9. [+3, -0] Looks like they’re going to be a 3-member group anyway excluding that one Thai foreigner? She’s got the support of a top chaebol heir why would she stay active as an idol. 

Additional Source(s): Sports DongA, Kookmin Ilbo

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