OnlyOneOf’s Junji shows off his covered face hair style ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Male idol shows off ‘no eyesight’ hair style by covering half his face with bangs for style

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+327] Noise marketing

2. [+196] Is he a sapsal dog?

3. [+73] Copying Daesung?

4. [+32] The Woo Ki Myung hair

5. [+28] Just earn attention for your skills, you still have to see in order to live, no? 😢

6. [+9] How can you live like that? It looks so uncomfortable and it’s making me uncomfortable

7. [+5] Isn’t Niel the original of this hair style?

8. [+2] Reminds me of Niel during Teen Top’s ‘Supa Luv’ days

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