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 Article: “A job that we can’t even specfiy on hospital forms” 

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A member of the team who organizes the test questions for the annual college entrance exam revealed the strict protocols they must adhere to to prevent the questions from being leaked. He explained that they were under strict orders to stay within their dorms and are only allowed to leave for circumstances such as hospital treatment or the death of a parent. All errands must be kept within a three hour window with the accompaniment of three security personnel. In one instance, he had to reigster at a hospital for treatment, but his security told them that he was not allowed to give his identity.

1. [+189] As strict as they are, people usually find out within colleges ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are only so many qualified people available for such a high pressure job so it’s usually a college professor or someone they know… and if your professor is suddenly out one semester on a business trip…? They probably got chosen to be on the team.

2. [+67] This is why the test questions are so hard… because the people organizing it are under such high pressure..

3. [+66] One person had to attend his father’s funeral and four of his security personnel followed him into the bathroom. He said he felt better about it in thinking that he was making his father proud by holding such an important role for the country but who knows the true stress underlying all of that pressure.

4. [+38] Most college students usually know what’s up… because their professor will randomly disappear one day

5. [+10] The whole college entrance exam system is so abnormal..

6. [+8] People can hate on the test all they want but there’s nothing that’s more fair and just than the test

7. [+15] I’m tired of making such a big fuss over the test every year, really tired of it

8. Something about that sounds so cool. Like you’re surrounded by all this security and one of them speaks on your behalf like “this man cannot tell you his identity.”

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