P Nation’s debut group on ‘Loud’ will include a 13 year old member

 Article: [Loud] Final debut groups for JYP and P Nation

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+495] I mean… 13 years old…… what in the world…

2. [+374] Wait, a 13 year old…?

3. [+305] If he’s 13… he’s a choding… I can’t believe idols are that young now…

4. [+236] Wow, Goki’s debuting in the end after all… He’s good but he’s so young, I don’t know if being an idol will be too hard for him. I’m actually concerned.

5. [+169] From my experience, male idols should not debut with JYP ㅠ

6. [+53] I was so worried about the ’09er but he’s actually debuting after all… I hope the hyungs aren’t too intimidating to him…

7. [+23] As an overall group, the other members are a full head taller than him, how will this work out…;

8. [+9] What I’m more worried about than the intimidation is the embarrassment the other members might feel having such a young member on the team. Their heights look imbalanced, other groups are closer in age whereas they will have a 10 year age gap. Imagine having to complete your work schedules with a baby all the time… and obviously since he’s a baby, you have to look out for him. Then any TV show they go on will focus on the 13 year old because he’s so young…

9. [+9] ’09er, that’s too young

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