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I remember people calling aespa’s styling countrified at their debut and that was only in 2020 so I was wondering just how tacky their outfits really were and searched them up again and, they were indeed tacky…

(4 days after their debut)

I tried to take the prettiest screenshot of the members
Winter and Ningning were talking so no matter what, I couldn’t get a pretty photoㅠㅠ
But Winter did look like the prettiest member at that time

I definitely think that it was their styling’s fault
Arin looked f*cking pretty as the MC. It’s my first time finding Arin pretty when I saw this vieo
aespa is super successful right now so it’s fascinating that that they had this type of comments before

“Can they even hit big just based on their company’s power? Isn’t their debut way too rusheD?”

Currently, they look f*cking pretty

post response:


During their debut days, they really tried their best to enforce the AI vibe on them so the stylist gave them unusual hair, makeup and coordi. They also wore a lot of bright and flashy lenses. aespa’s makeup artist also said herself that she purposely didn’t put blush on the girls but looking at them now, they definitely suit colored makeup much more

2. [+50, -7]

But I liked their unique aura at their debut. Of course, their makeup look way better now but I liked their vibes before

3. [+42, -3]

But it’s a bit hard to see the flashy and blingy styling of the Black Mamba era now so I do miss it a bit too…

4. [+35, -3]

I liked how they looked AIㅋㅋㅋ It’ a shame that they don’t do this kind of style anymore

5. [+26, -6]

I hope they give Karina this kind of styling once again because I really liked itㅠㅠ

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