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He took care of the children’s education expenses starting from 8M won per month (6K USD), but even when the father’s financial standing is good, most of the cases, they end up giving custody to the mother… On top of it, Choi Minhwan is still promoting with FT Island, so taking care of 3 kids must be so hard… He has 2 daughters and if they grow up very different from the son, it’ll be even more of a burden

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1. [+159, -18]

If your kids are underage, they usually end up with the mother.. I was shocked when I saw all 3 go for the dad. This is meaningful in many ways

2. [+152, -4]

Yulhee probably gave up on her kids, how will she be able to support all 3 of them, with what means?

3. [+149, -4]

The mother has no financial means to care for all 3 kids, judging from this only, it’s clear that they’ll end up with the father

4. [+114, -11]

But the kids are already all living with Choi Minhwan, and the in-laws are there as well, so of course they’ll gain custody 

5. [+105, -19]

The mom is hopeless and has no financial strength, that’s why they removed them from her 

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