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I just got her video recommended to me and he face looked strangely different from the Chuu I knew and when I read the comments, I saw that I wasn’t the only one thinking like this. What changed? But she got f*cking prettier;;;

@chuu.atrp 꽁꽁 얼어붙은 한강 위로 고양이가 걸어다닙니다 #CHUU #츄 ♬ 한강 고양이 리믹스 – 행복한피자빵 HappyPizzaBread

+1,114: I feel like something changed

+8: I think she changed something

+1,617: I didn’t recognize Chuu at first

+2: ??? That’s Chuu ?_?

This was the face of the Chuu I knew..

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1. [+22, 0]

She kinda looks way softer

2. [+8, 8]

I think that the screencaps below are just bad photos though. Her face looks the same as her past photos

3. [+7, -4]

She just looks like Chuu with lighter eye makeup

4. [+5, -1]

She looks the same, what are you saying?

5. [+5, 0]

I think it’s just a difference in eyeliner, fake lashes + you can’t see her teeth + filter 

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