The i-roaches were the ones who made that account “yesterday”

After making the account, they even used NewJeans’ picture as their display picture (people witnessed it) 

They said that it was revealed that Huh Yunjin’s sister was following that account on her Spotify, but they weren’t

And if you actually look for that account on Spotify, it actually doesn’t exist

To summarize, i-roaches were caught in a lie and fabrication 

Looking at how ardently i-roaches were while fabricating this controversy, they must f*cking hate them 

“I’m posting this because of all those fake upvotes you guys are doing to fabricate this controversy tsk tsk. The i-roaches were the ones who created this and the i-roach who exposed this controversy said that they found out that her sister was following Yunjin’s account and when we looked for her sister’s account, that account didn’t even exist + If the sister and Huh Yunjin were already following each other, i-roaches would’ve already known in the past, but even in other screenshots that i-roaches released before of her sister’s account, Yunjin’s account never existed. That fake Yunjin account was only on the screencap that the i-roach who fabricated this. This is why it’s unbelievable from the start”

“Let me clarify the evil i-roach’s timeline. When [Yunjin]’s self-composed song’s MV dropped, she waited 12 hours to say that she found that Huh Yunjin’s sister’s account was following Yunjin on that fake account. She said that that drawing was made by Yunjin in September, but the other i-roaches exposed that person saying that the Spotify account wasn’t even created back then, so how can they be the only person to have found it? And that person was unable to disprove it. And that alleged account created by Yunjin was already deleted even before i-roaches could go and confirm for themselves. Let’s say that the Spotify account was really an account made by Huh Yunjin, wouldn’t other fans also have already known that Yunjin’s sister was following that account at some point? That’s why it’s irrefutable that this was a fabricated rumor”

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1. [+90, -2]

The most important part is that this account never existed so it’s indeed fabricated

2. [+83, -3]

And even the drawing style ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you’re this devoted into creating this rumor, of course you’d try to copy the art style as closely as possible. Who can’t do that? It would’ve actually been ambiguous if the account was found before the MV but it only came out 10 hours after the MV was out. It’s pretty much confirm that this is bullsh*tㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+77, -2]

That’s the way that rumors are always spread aroundㅋㅋ That i-roach f*cker made the Pann post in the morning to spread the rumors because they know that Twitter lacks credibility now. 

“This is Yunjin’s Spotify account’s playlist.

This playlist was made when Yeonjun had his blue hair and piercings in September 2022. 

Let’s view them prettily if they’re dating~ 

Be happy~ “

4. [+71, -2]

The i-roach who released the rumor first decided to delete their account completely because they got caught. People were asking them why wasn’t the account found in the following accounts from her sister and she was unable to prove anything and deleted her account in the end 

5. [+64, -5]

Anyone could tell it was fake 


They were doing a quiz game on 15 Nights and they had to answer questions based on the order of the line

They arrived in this order: Huh Yunjin = Kazuha = Yeonjun

Huh Yunjin kept worryin and checking her back

And at one point, she changed places with Kazuha

So the order changed to: Kazuha = Huh Yunjin = Yeonjun

Seeing it now, it’s pretty funnyㅋㅋㅋ

Seeing the 1st and 2nd gifs now, Kazuha was really the iron shieldㅋㅋ

It’s funny how Huh Yunjin started being conscious and started looking back starting from the 3rd gifㅋㅋ

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1. [+90, -10]

They were playing that game to get lunch boxes. So it’s possible that she sent her dongsaeng in the front so she could get a lunch box first. Stop with the speculations

2. [+60, -32]

But even if the stares were forced speculations, why did she switch places??

3. [+47, -5]

Seems like TXT’s comeback will do well so the trolls are already making a fuss ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+45, -7]

Seems like all of this was a forced hate..ㅋ

5. [+28, -2]

Kazuha is Japanese so she’s just trying to look back to help her. F*ck, Huh Yunjin was just trying to help her with her question. Cut down on the forced hate

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