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She had a bump on her nose before but it disappear and the end of nose is raised

Her nose in the Giordano video looked weird that time too

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1. [+42, -7]

It’s not her first surgery but a revision surgery

2. [+33, -9]

No but hul… Han Sohee with a bump on her nose was so charming though… She just looks like your typical actress now…….

3. [+23, -15]

I think that it’s just a difference of angles and editing

4. [+19, 0]

She had a rhinitis surgery and beautified her nose at the same time. How old are the kids claiming that she just had a rhinitis surgery? So rhinitis surgery can change your nose line and nose tip now?

5. [+14, 0]

Everyone can tell that slope of her nose changed but kids here are biting down their teeth denying it while hyping her up as some natural beauty. They just don’t want her to lose that title

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