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I’m an office worker in a small corporation with no major social life. I’m not particularly interested in celebrities, my main interests are small stocks and health.

I was an classmate of A, a celebrity whose name is being talked about a lot these days.

The A I experienced was a friend who treated me poorly according to her mood.

The one who laughed at my cheekbones for sticking out when I complimented her on her beauty.

She was the one who always brought a Burberry or Chanel bag or purse, and she disobeyed the school rules by wearing a blouse instead of the prescribed uniform.

In particular, she disrespected the teachers and didn’t follow the rules of class time. She made the teacher cry when we moved classes. She slept on top of lockers during art class.

I’ll never forget the look on her face as she hurled insults at me and took pleasure in the shame I felt.

The content I wrote based on my experiences might be uncomfortable for the fans of that person. However, I can’t deny the emotions I have and the experiences I’ve been through.

In fact, I can remember every single curse word or sentence that was spat at me, and there were many, but I tried to write it without emotion.

I was one of the first people to silently boycott her when she first came out in the media.

As I mentioned before, I’m not particularly interested in celebrities, and in fact, my life was so full that I couldn’t afford to care.

If you ask me what I was hoping for, I’ll say that I suddenly became resentful.

At the very least, I wanted to let people know about her personality.

Not all good people can be entertainers, but at least I thought that it shouldn’t be a place with someone with a shitty personality like hers

I realize that not everyone is a good person.

I’m not asking you to join me in blindly criticizing.

It was a tough experience for me. I was in a lot of pain at first and went to a psychiatrist, but whether time or hardship is the medicine, I’m more or less okay now.


Many commenters said to reveal it, not to make other celebrities assume. But it’s really that person who posted a picture of the dog holding a knife.

I don’t comment. Please don’t fight….”

ㅇㅇ but there are indeed a lot of weird parts in her story

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1. [+196, -26]

Didn’t she write this comment though?

“This is laughable, shameless and abominable.

The same bi*tch who bullied and demeaned her teachers in high school is now pretending to be nice and lovable in public because she’s an actress?

I hate all celebrities because of you and Lee Sohee, what I don’t understand in your parents’ debt is… didn’t you always carry luxury goods since high school?

When I complimented you on your beauty, you laughed at me and said why do you look like that?

I used to be friendly with you, but now I hate you.”

2. [+194, -24]

OP claims that she was carrying Burberry and Chanel bags but Han Sohee was living with her grandma when she was young and worked at a Hop bar though…? I don’t think that it’s very believable so I hope that classmate can post some proofs

3. [+159, -16]

At least post a graduation photo. This is it?

4. [+151, -20]

But Han Sohee has hit big for a while now. If this was real, I don’t understand why none of her classmates has said anything so far. And she never came to somewhere like Pann and wrote and deleted her post either

5. [+124, -2]

If this is true, it be better if they gave us some proofs

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