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I know that the team’s chemistry is good, but I really wished that the members start treating him like a hyung

Even on Screening Humanity, in which they appeared recently, Shotaro wanted to lift the mood so to make the game more enjoyable but they kept saying that they failed the game because of Shotaro (they don’t even call him hyung either), it’s like they’re trying to embarrass Shotaro 

Even in for the new song’s preview, they were “finding” reasons/charms that fans wrote that would make a new fan join their individual fandom, and Shotaro kept asking “What about me? What about me? and nobody helped him find his charms. Everyone had 7 each and only Shotaro had 5 (in the end, they all ended up with 7)

Of course, I know that this isn’t their intention, and I like RIIZE but as someone who especially likes Shotaro, this is a bit upsetting. From the time they said that they asked him to buy food for them and he’s good at buying food… And also saying stuff like “he doesn’t study Korean”… Still in front of the camera, he’s the oldest hyung, they should start treating him like one

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1. [+149, -3]

Don’t they know how much of an advantage it is for a team to have an oldest hyung with an innocent persnality? This is why the dongsaengs should treat their hyung better so they don’t throw off that balance

2. [+132, -5]

Shotaro is way too innocent and kind, so he probably doesn’t even realize himself. I feel like they’re super conscious of Sungchan, but I wished they were half as conscious of Shotaro too 

3. [+112, -2]

Wait, they really don’t call him hyung? Anton and Wonbin usually call others hyung, so you’re telling me the other ones don’t call him hyung?

4. [+108, -5]

When they were playing games and eating pizza, they distributed one fork each and they just left the remaining for Shotaro to pick them himself. They just said “Isn’t it good that you have so many forks?” and left it there… Honestly he’s the oldest, and of course they can joke around with him, but they should act with more consideration

5. [+93, -10]

I’m still in the phase of getting to know them, but Eunseok and Seunghan… The way they talk is so annoying 

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