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(T/N: post is all screenshot so we’ll translate the text)

I was a friend of Hong Seungchan, and we became close while playing together through friends, and it was interesting to hear that he was an idol trainee. He was famous for gossiping among us more than anything else, so I wondered if all idols were bast*rds. When he was a trainee, he smoked or drank on the street, and when I asked if it was okay if his face was publicized on Instagram live, he said that the company didn’t know because it was a private account. He bragged about seducing female trainees and talked sh*t in the backs of people who debuted often. I don’t know who recorded and exposed his Instagram livestream on YouTube, and I don’t watch his livestreams because of his pathological behavior, so I don’t know the content of the livestream. And people might say that his way of talking is cute, but he would shame people he thinks were of a lower rank as him so there are a lot of kids who cut ties with him, because he made up this hierarchy.

He said, “I’m joining a group that’s already debuted, so even if something happens, the company can just say that it’s not true.” I also didn’t know what he was saying while writing it down but that’s what he said.

I wrote down only the things he said that I remember from my memories

– Interacting with the trainees from SM, getting their Instagram accounts and bragging about who he’s in contact with (he told me that he pretended not to care about the female trainees because he didn’t want SM to find out)

– Telling me that he almost got f*cked because the trainee he was practicing with said he smelled like a cigarette (he told me their name, but I can’t remember exactly, he said they were preparing for their debut).

– Told a trainee (A) that he was going to introduce him to a female trainee from another agency that he was in contact with, but when A said he wasn’t interested and to stop joking and start practicing, he said that he f*cking pretended to sound like a sunbae.

He also talk behind the trainees’ backs a lot aside from those events. I only wrote down the things I remembered, and I don’t want to talk about things I don’t remember exactly, so I only wrote down this much. And Hong Seungan is an INFP? No, I don’t know how he came up with that concept, but I stopped contacting him and he sent my friends gifs/pics of him being an ‘F’ and said about how he felt sorry for the other members and was so disgusted. If he was going to make an image, make it plausible. I didn’t wanna see what he was doing anymore and we didn’t match so I cut him off.

Am I gonna get sued for writing this down? I don’t know, it’s not a lie at all, it’s just a factual defamation of character. He’s just an acquaintance who lives an easy life, whether it’s his fellow member, or someone who has already debuted, or an acquaintance of him, he said all kinds of swears about them. He acts like some refreshing idol thinking he’s gonna get fans even though he acted with no self-restraint from his training days until debut. Even though his personality has already been exposed through photos and videos I wonder if his company is just gonna decide to leave it so I’m writing this. He’s just not that great of a guy to like as an idol. And you guys? Everyone? Please cut ties with Hong Seunghan and be happyㅋㅋ

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1. [+573, -4]

There’s only one course of action for SM to take now: kick him out and support the other members ㅋㅋ After seeing the post and seeing that he did that without the company knowing, they were the ones who were tricked. If you keep him in and continue like that, it will really become problematic. There’s nobody from the general public who wants him in the group and the more you know, the more he’s gonna be a nuisance, so who’s even opposing his withdrawal?

2. [+431, -8]

The other members are just too pitifulㅠㅠ Shotaro dropped his dancing name in Japan to debut in Korea and was kept in storage with Sungchan and could finally start his own team and promote, but because of this f*cker, he knows that everything can just crumble down. His heart must be breaking apart

3. [+326, -8]

I knew that his personality would get exposed as soon as I saw him. When I saw Pann saying that they related to him and found him kind, I went “huh…?”

4. [+211, 0]

He was definitely secretly bullying his friendsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There’s no way it wouldn’t be like that. Imagine how he disrespects his friends to be like that… seeing how his friends were holding back all this time just to expose him like this

5. [+202, 0]

Anton: Dad was right for objecting this, f*ck

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