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“Congratulations to those who are unemployed, because there are many opportunities to find a job during the employment crisis.”


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1. [+209, -3]

Sangyeon, congrats to you too. Since you’ve never entered the charts, there are many opportunities to enter it right? Of course, I don’t know if you’ll ever seize that opportunity ^^ㅋㅋ

2. [+154, -3]

It’s hard to get a job because you can’t get find job. What are you talking about

3. [+148, -5]

If an A-list idol talked like that, he would’ve been killed ㅋㅋ Since it’s The Boyz, people let it slide

4. [+137, -2]

Seriously he makes it so obvious that he’s uneducated 

5. [+136, -1]

There’s a job shortage so we can’t find a job, what is he talking about?

5. [+113, -3]

Please don’t talk about maths or studying with idols

X: Minji-yah maths is too hard

Minji: Life is difficult. Compared to life, mathematics are easy

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