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He got congratulated by Jennie herself

“Happy birthday”

“My cute friend”

“Spend the happiest day today!!”

post response:


1. [+55, -13]

V is the bigger person

2. [+37, -20]

Is it okay for her to act like that with her guy friends when she has a boyfriend?

3. [+34, -17]

His face and height is way better than her current boyfriend, meanwhile she doesn’t care about others’ opinions and is just wishing her guy friend a happy birthday yup

4. [+24, -17]

Jennie usually takes care of everyone around her when it comes to making events to wish them happy birthday or stuff like that, she looks so kind and she takes care of small details. She usually advertise them on her IG or even sends them coffee trucks

5. [+20, -4]

I want to become Jennie’s female friend

6. [+11 ,-8]

She has a boyfriend and her fans are here watching too. She went all the way posting a heart with it, is that even okay…? She doesn’t seem like she cares about what others think right? 

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