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She’s very skinny, so she doesn’t have any fat on her, and her legs are beautiful, her calves are long, her upper and lower body proportions are good, her waist-pelvis line is beautiful, her neck-shoulder-collarbone line is beautiful, and her head is very small, so she doesn’t have any disadvantages, so she doesn’t have to be careful about covering up her disadvantages, and she can dress her as she pleases. 

Back then, female idols’ coordis would try to cover the idol’s shortcomings and if there’s a miss, the female and the coordi would get hate so being a coordi is a difficult job and they usually put a lot of attention to cover up the idol’s flaws. But when it comes to Jang Wonyoung, people just ask “why is she so pretty?” I think that being her coordi is the easiest job ever. Just think about it, she was the only one who wore a cardigan and denim skirt to an award ceremony, but nobody said anything about it

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1. [+34, -1]

But it’s honestly easy to be her coordi. First of all, the proportions and fit are important and she’s flawless in those department… adding her face to that, she can even make you gasp

2. [+28, -1]

For real, there’s nothing on her body to cover. Clearly, if anyone else wore that outfit, people would’ve said that the outfit sucks but she even makes the clothes look pretty

3. [+25, -1]

Nobody said anything at that timeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ as soon as the photos were posted, she got so much hate because people were claiming that only Jang Wonyoung was pushed. I seriously thought that people were doing a hidden camera on me. Kids, this is just a denim skirt and black cardigan worn as an off-the-shoulder??? It’s because her proportions stand out so much, that her bone structure is so pretty and that her face is perfect that she stands out. What do you want her to do about it if she’s pretty?

4. [+24, -1]

Agree, if you have short calves, you can’t even dare to try those shoes that cut at your calves

5. [+18, -2]

ㅇㅇ her body frame can pull off anythingㅎㅎ but seeing how people were bashing her for being the only members with feathers on her outfit made me go “wow”

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