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It seems like she looks healthier than before

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1. [+45, -19]

? No way… you’re saying that she gained weight after looking at her thighs? People with those thighs would get so much praises back then for looking healthy and sexy. The world has gone insane. So now, those thighs mean that you gained weight… Even people overseas would say that her thighs look healthy and would prefer thighs like hers…

2. [+43, -8]

Just looking at her arms, it doesn’t seem like she gained weight though

3. [+39, -4]

What weight?

4. [+34, -4]

She looks prettier though? She looks prettier with thicker thighs…

5. [+30, -8]

She’s pretty even with weight gain so it’s fine

6. [+21, -16]


7. [+17, -2]

I’m about to leave right now and am at the front door and just got a reality check looking at the full-body mirror

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