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Up until now, the people who have seen all the things that Mnet has done until now will know. If they don’t have good relationship with Mnet, they won’t give out any award.

Their relationship is fine now but on of the prime example of bad relationship would be BP

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1. [+44, -18]

The fact that they didn’t award BP in 2018 was oba

2. [+32, -7]

YG as a company is just on bad terms with everyone so that’s why. I feel like for HYBE, they might just be slightly on bad terms with ADOR but they could still be awarded. No but I just hope that NewJeans would winㅠㅠㅜ

3. [+27, -12]

BP was guaranteed to win SOTY with Ddudu-Ddudu in 2018 but they didn’t attend and their relationship with YG was bad so it fell through and some other group ranked 40th in the charts was awarded. iKON’s Love Scenario was slightly higher than Ddudu-Ddudu but if you consider the physical sales and votes, Ddudu would’ve won. MAMA usually never award girl groups unless they are their picks

4. [+23, -5]

Mnet pretended like they weren’t aware of Blabkpink so do you really think that they will bow down to ADOR…. just stop consuming from them.. This is power tripping from big broadcast compannies

5. [+19, 0]

For real, they are toxic-Net 

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