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They say that this guy called Eunho within Plave is the one writing those lyrics

But aren’t most of his fans female..? Yet they have lyrics like thatㅜ? I feel disgusted

Your face with its sharp nose is worthy of a punch
You’re an athlete of fakeness, with that artificial laugh
As soon as you talk, bitch, bitch, bitch
Whoever looks at you, [will think] bitch, bitch, bitch
Your body stretched and your sharp high-heels
Your head lifted up in a chic way
Do a dutch pay, bitch, bitch, bitch
Get a febreeze, you smell like soybean paste, bitch

Uh I fucking envy that son of a bitch
I don’t have anything and that idiot has a nice car, he took everything
He took even my bitch, yeah, he should be punished
I call a taxi and go to the front of your house, that’s right, your baby
For a while you’ll be sad, once you know that you will die
Haha I’m getting excited already, forever like a crazy dog
I can’t control myself, I’m breathing like those murderers that come out on TV
Now I’m gonna be one [of those murderers] and take this world
I arrive at your door, agonizing whether I should ring the bell or not
After I go down again
I think of every possible way, then the car comes into sight
The stroller where that bastard’s pretty baby rode on
Tell him to get rid of that car at once
5 minutes later you come with that bitch face
I pull out the knife that I’ve prepared, I count all of your arteries
*Chop, chop, chop* Minah-ya you’re mine

[Chorus: Sangdo]
Ooh girl now he’s coming
Close the door until the morning
Or you could be dead girl tonight but
You should be alive you’re too perfect to die
Runaway from the monster he wanna get you
He killed your boyfriend he has a present for you
Baby watch out he will kill you
Baby don’t trust him he’s a monster

[Verse 2]
“What are you doing [here] at this hour?” you said and I wonder why
I’ve come because I miss you, Minah-ya open the door
I have something to say, I have something to show you as well
The door has opened, ta-dah after a while of silence
“What are you doing [here]?” you ask me once again
It’s not anything unusual, but I reveal the present that I’ve prepared
It’s coming out fucked up, that bastard’s head
Your dilated pupils, your loose leg, don’t cry

Minah-ya, don’t cry, I said don’t cry you bitch
I love you, now you just have to be happy with me
Ha… Minah-ya I’m sorry
It’s okay, I’m here now anyway
Let’s love in a good place forever

t/n: OP digged out the identity of Eunho in Plave, who is allegedly a rapper called Yano/Sangwon. These are his lyrics

post response:


1. [+198, -13]

ㅋㅋ Just because these were written 10 years ago, it’s now considered forced hate? People shielding lyrics about killing women are the most disgusting ones..

2. [+166 ,-20]

(OP) Huh? I was sleeping but looks like the fangirls ganged up here while I was away. I’m just speaking the truth here though? So because this happened 10 years ago, this is now considered something that never happened? You guys might not care about an apology to support him, but the general public will hate people like him. I didn’t care about him and I liked their songs, but this was freaking shocking ㅜ 

3. [+134, -13]

The best replies have the be insane? How is this forced hate? You think that we’re trying to nitpick him and have him on check when with this post? And we’re the ones disgusting? Seriously if you’re crazy about men, you’re already hopeless… If you look at the male idols who are currently promoting, they get dragged for hate comments and family jokes they made in the past. You don’t know if he reflected or not, but it’s true that he should be careful of every single word he says, they’re idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Saying this post was written because we have him on check is next level r*tarded 

4. [+63, -180]

This is oba, right now, he doesn’t even swear anymore in his rap and you guys releasing this post are even more disgusting.. You’re desperate to swear at Plave’s members… This is something that happened 10 years ago and you guys are still crying about it..

5. [+52, -83]

I don’t want to shield him, but this happened 10 years ago, and he reflected all this time and he’s being super cautious of every single thing. He even mentioned with some nuances that he regrets it. All the fans who didn’t quit the fandom know this. And if people quit the fandom because they were disappointed, we can’t help it… 

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