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“Seunghan’s controversy -> exposed Soobin -> Made in Abyss controversy -> exposed Woozi

Because of him

5 HYBE groups have been directly and indirectly affected. Seventeen (Woozi), TXT (Soobin), Le Sserafim (Eunchae), I’LL-IT (Youngseo), BND (Taesan)

I concluded that Seunghan was a member intentionally brought in by SM to jeopardize HYBE”

post response:


1. [+267, -11]

But Woozi and Soobin did that to themselves though

2. [+123, -10]

I just think that Woozi and Soobin were always like that

3. [+87, -5]

That’s seriously just an overinflated ego, and the people who are suffering the most are the members of RIIZE, who can’t even get new fans because he’s blocking the way. The atmosphere within BRIIZEs used to be good, but they are divided, fighting internally with i-roaches, and being criticized externally by other fans.

4. [+79, -2]

“HYBE killer” f*cking funny

5. [+20, -3]

Minji, Taesan, Yeongseo and Eunchae must be so frustrated. They didn’t do anything wrong… I get that nobody is hating on them but they must be annoyed just by the fact that their names have been brought into this

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