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> Bin-ah, if you don’t want to lose to Eunwoo, let’s not cross the line and stay in our own line”

“+0: Cha Eunwoo is in a different league, even with actors and models… this friend just can’t be compared to Cha Eunwoo

+3: Is this from a SM part-timer?

+1: He’s meh”

“Idol who is more popular than Cha Eunwoo nowadaysㄷㄷ.jpg


+3: Is this a forced virality too?

> The probability of this being viral marketing is high

+0: LoL Ryze wins (T/N: RIIZE is written the same as the LoL character Ryze)

+2: Ryze is bald

> Dark Knight rises was such a good movie ㅎㅎ

+3: Is this from a SM part-timer?

+1: He’s meh

+0: Wonbin-sshi, you can’t be like this here

+0: Not at all~

+0: He’s handsome but he’s not succeeding Cha Eunwoo

+3: This seems like a viral marketing…?

+0: Is this viral marketing?

+0: I think that it will be way too hardㅋㅋㅋ

+0: Yeah, no”

There are so many new YouTube accounts plastering comments about how he’s better than Cha Eunwoo

“+8: Cha Eunwoo level… but as for the aura, Wonbin wins…

+30: Wouldn’t this make him and Cha Eunwoo the two greatest mountains if he looks this handsome? He’s a total sensation

+23: They are not from the same family tree, Wonbinie is just the one top…

+14: I’ve never thought of Cha Eunwoo as a “face genius” but he’s the real deal..

+265: I’m not joking, this person can enter the top 5 visuals in Korea”

And the reality

And seeing how people still claim that he has no viral marketing is just embarrassing..

post response:


1. [+145, -27]

The YouTube comments are seriously embarrassing..

2. [+120, -23]

At this rate, they probably spent all their money on promotions and viral marketing

3. [+110, -27]

Fans are claiming that there’s no viral marketing days and nights but who do you think is grabbing other idols by the hair and writing business posts about this unpopular rookie as soon as he debuted?

4. [+102, -22]

The viral marketing has gone down lately because he started getting hate. Pann will be filled with Wonbin posts again soon

5. [+96, -22]

Big embarrassment

“Idol who is more popular than Cha Eunwoo nowadaysㄷㄷ”

6. [+58, -11]

They probably have a 15 cm height difference so what “opponent”?

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