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I’m not saying that she doesn’t care about her looks at all but looking at her performances with NMIXX, she looks like she’s focusing more on singing and dancing than her looks so I f*cking like her

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1. [+78, -2]

It feels like she doesn’t want her face to be the 1st thing that stands out. She really seems to have a lot of ambitions when it comes to singing

2. [+70, -3]

I get what you mean. It seems like she wants to be recognized more for her voice?

3. [+42, -1]

Ah for real, I don’t think that she gave up on her looks. Her beauty is a wall but I f*cking like her for focusing more on her skills

4. [+25, 0]

Ever since the beginning, the NMIXX kids never seemed to care about their looks much. They really seem to have a lot of ambitions for performance looking at their stages. In any case, I think that if you have a lot of talented members on your team, you can’t help but get influenced

5. [+18, -1]

Because she’s gonna be pretty no matter what she does so…

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